Australia Day celebrates racismIt is Australia Day tomorrow. 26th January. It is a national holiday.

Growing up it did not have all that much significance. I guess that is primarily due to the fact that it always took place during the summer school vacation and was just another day.

Australia Day took on more significance with the bicentenary in 1988. In recent years it has evolved into a jingoistic and racist celebration. Some parts of the country require increased levels of police presence to ensure the racist louts do not get out of control. It is a day when bogans are out in force. Mindless imbeciles.

The Australian flag will be everywhere. I mean everywhere. Hats, T-shirts, caps, swimming costumes, underwear, bikinis, thongs, cups, mugs, stickers, stubby holders, beach towels, plastic flags on cars, decals, badges, bags, footballs, body paint. Everywhere. Bogans will have flags draped around their bodies. A few houses at the top of our street are festooned with the Australian flag. It is not subtle. Nor is it dignified. It is in your face. It is as if they are saying, “Only white English speaking people welcome in our suburb and town.”

The Australian flag has become a symbol of racist and jingoistic thought. This evolved during the Howard years of the Australian government and the unfettered diatribe of Pauline Hanson. She is now considered a “celebrity”. How shameful and embarrassing.

I wish the Australian government had the sense of mind and courage to rein in this commercial bastardisation of the Australian flag and enforce strict guidelines regarding its use. I would like to see the Australian government adopt similar rules to those applied in, for example, Singapore.

For example, the specific guidelines for the display of the flag of Singapore can be found in this document. I quote the relevant rules regarding how the flag should not be used, as published on this site:

“How it cannot be used or treated

The flag cannot be used:

(a) in any trademark or for any commercial purpose;
(b) as a means, or for the purposes, of advertisement;
(c) as, or as part of, any furnishings, decoration, covering or receptacle;
(d) at any private funeral activity;
(e) incorporated or worn as part of any costume or attire; or
(f) on any private vehicle.

No person shall produce or display any flag which bears any graphics or word superimposed on the design of the flag.

The flag should be cleaned when dirty, and replaced if it has faded. After any washing, it should not be hung out to dry outdoors together with other laundry. Any worn out or damaged flag should be disposed properly, not left visible in dustbins. Torn or worn-out flags should be packed into a sealed black trash bag before being disposed.”

The same should apply to the Australian flag. I grow tired of seeing racists parading around with the Australian flag. Waving or wearing the Australian flag gives the racists and bogans permission to vilify minorities. They are xenophobic morons. And these people have children.

Nothing shits me more than flag waving arseholes that are incapable of reaching beyond the English language and possessed of an intellect that extends no further than episodes of Neighbours or Home and Away. If only they could all be quietly and inoffensively taken out of the gene pool. They have ruined this country and sullied its reputation overseas. They have no idea. They have no intellect.

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