Station To Station Full Colour Media

This page started out as "a comparison of the RCA UK full colour Station To Station album sleeve with a counterfeit of the RCA USA full colour Station To Station sleeve". That site generated considerable and most enlightened debate on a number of message boards dedicated to the collecting of Bowie discs, etc.

Based on those discussions I have learnt that it was inappropriate to call the "genuine item" a record sleeve. It is a 24" x 12" mock-up. It was not glued. It was produced in the UK. If I may be so bold to quote one of the respondents. "It was never issued in a color sleeve. There's only USA proofs and a UK mock-up ( i.e. 24" x 12" card). There were no completed glued up sleeves made." So it seems to me that I am fortunate enough to possess a 24" x 12" UK mock-up
. I purchased this mock-up in Manchester from a record dealer and Bowie collector during the mid 1980's. It came with a test pressing of the album. I purchased the counterfeit copy from the same gentleman during the late 1980's.

Regards, John.

sts_01 sts_02 sts_03 sts_04
Mock-up 24" x 12"
Right hand side.

Mock-up 24" x 12"
Folded out.

Mock-up 24" x 12"
Left hand side.

Mock-up 24" x 12"
Some of the fine print.
sts_05 sts_06 sts_07 sts_08


Fine print
A simple comparison of the colour pigments. 
sts_09 sts_10
A simple comparison of the printing quality.  A simple comparison of the spine detail.