Pubbing and Clubbing around Taipei.

John and Shao Ping's friends went on a happy jaunt around the pubs and clubs of Taipei after the banquet. They visited a number of establishments and stayed out till the wee small hours.

It was a Sunday night but you would not have known it. Taipei was buzzing with activity. Taipei, like many Asian cities, is full of life however the action and the fast pace here is easy going and friendly. The people are friendly and courteous. The service is excellent.

Jenny and John
At the restaurant
John and Shao Ping
Russell and Anne
Evan disappears
Russell the ghost
Pubbing 2
Pubbing 3
Taxi with koalas
Suk Joo raging

First of all the team went to a pub called the Green Pub, then they walked to this traditional Taiwanese restaurant where they all ate 'Three Cup Chicken'. After that they made their way into the city amd had a drink in a pub in the red light district followed by a dance and a drink at Taiwan's hottest night club, Julianna's.