5th June, 2000.

I saw a headline on page one of the Singapore Straits Times the other day which proclaimed that low income earners were the hardest hit by the recession. My immediate reaction was that the paper was stating the obvious but after talking with a friend about this I realised that perhaps it is wise to state the obvious from time to time. There are affluent members of the community who live quite a cloistered existence, immune to the fluctuations of the economic cycles. Newspaper articles such as these will hopefully awaken this sector of society to the needs and plight of others.

What is happening in Fiji? Did anyone learn anything following the coup in 1987? Let's hope that the governing international rugby union bodies at least ban Fiji from participtaing in any future Rugby internationals.

I question myself. What does an editor write? Is it really the editor composing the comments that typically appear in an editorial? Is it actually the publisher or the owner of the newspaper composing the editorial? How much integrity can one find in an editorial these days?

When one considers the multinational media conglomerates, family publishing empires and state dominated media that is present throughout the world you really have to wonder how much freedom an editor actually possesses as they express their view.

This is not a vehicle for pontificating or preaching. This is simply a space for relaying events and communicating ideas.

Today I saw a very young child earnestly attempting to tie up a shoelace on one of her mother's shoes. The child was determined to get it right and so save her tired mother any effort. The shoelace was tied, although not in the usual fashion. The mother was happy. The child was happy. The shoelace was tied. I guess the fact that everyone was happy is the important thing.


The Editor