Mudskippers in Singapore

Mudskippers move about on the mudflats and the water's edge via a series of skips using their pectoral fins like small legs. Each skip can take it them a different direction. This helps the mudskipper evade predators. Underwater they swims like any other fish. The mudskipper can actually climb trees and branches using its strong, highly adapted pectoral fins!

It is a curious looking creature with its very bulbous eyes which protrude from the top of its head like two old fashioned car headlights. It gives the mudskipper quite a comical look. These protruding eyes serve a special purpose. They provide the mudskipper with a wide field of view and allow it to spot potential predators both above and beneath the water. Their bulbous eyes also help the mudskipper to find their next meal. The chap below was photographed at Pasir Ris. He is a little out of focus. I think he was about 3 cm long.

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