Mudskippers in Singapore

This photograph was taken from the main bridge over the river at Sungei Buloh Nature Park inSingapore. This chap is quite large as far as mudskippers are concerned.

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Here are some mudskipper links if you wish to learn more.

Richard's Mudskipper (and Brackish Goby) Home Page. This web site is maintained by Richard Mleczko in Australia. He has provided information regarding mudskipper physiology, reproduction and scientific research. There is a gallery of photographs as well.

How do mudskippers breathe on land? A concise article from the mad scientist network which clearly explains how mudskippers manage to breathe on land.

Aquaria Central provides detailed information on the mudskipper and how best to look after the mudskipper in an aquarium.

Simones Brackwasser Seite is hosted in Germany. It includes detailed information concerning brackish water environments as well as a gallery of mudskipper photos.

June's Mudskipper page has a good photograph of a mudskipper as well as a brief description.

The Saga Traditional Food Page. This web page proivides recipes for Grilled Mudskipper and Mudskipper with Miso Soup. Unfortunately, for them, mudskippers are good to eat.

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