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The Cloud is here. Tap in to the power of the Cloud to efficiently share connections, activities and resources with other educators and also with your students.

Cloud computing can support your work as an educator in the 21st Century. Stay connected with your projects, resources, colleagues and students wherever you are connected to the web. Google apps, Evernote, DropBox, Delicious, Wikis, QR codes and others will be highlighted.

Learn what is possible now and how you (and your students) can gain from productive use of the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Relevant processes, examples and resources will be shared with the participants.

The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate the practical benefits and applications of cloud computing in education. The workshop will open with a presentation that defines “cloud computing” and illustrates how the concept of cloud computing can be applied by educators.

This practical workshop has educators in mind and is simply designed to remove the mysteries associated with cloud computing. Educators will discover how they can use the ‘cloud’ to manage documents, backup files, share documents, collaborate on documents, backup bookmarks and make effective use of the power of mobile technologies.

Participants will be guided through the use of a range of desktop applications and online tools that can be employed to “connect them to the cloud”. The participants will employ a hands-on approach during the day and work with a variety of desktop applications and online tools including DropBox, PBWorks, Wikispaces, Google Documents, Delicious and Scholar.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to develop the skills and techniques required to:

  • Describe the concept of cloud computing and explain how it can be applied within the field of education
  • Create, install and manage a DropBox file management and file sharing account using both the DropBox desktop application and DropBox web site
  • Create, install and manage a Delicious social bookmarking account using both the Delicious web site and Delicious browser plug-ins
  • Create, publish and edit a wiki site using PBWorks and/or Wikispaces
  • Create, publish, edit and share a Google Docs account
  • Plan, create and map a curriculum specific lesson plan or unit of work incorporating one or more of the applications mentioned above

During the course:

  • The workshop will commence with a presentation that sets out the concepts associated with cloud computing. The positive and negative aspects of cloud computing will be discussed with the participants. Online resources will also be shared with the participants. The work of researchers such as Michael Miller and Mladen A. Vouk will be shared with the participants.
  • The presenter will share examples illustrating the manner in which cloud computing can provide practical and innovative benefits for the educator.
  • During the hands-on component of the day the instructor will provide brief presentations and instructions relevant to the desired learning outcomes followed by participant use of the applications and tools including DropBox, PBWorks, Wikispaces, Google Documents and Delicious.
  • The participants will work both individually and in small groups to develop their skills in using the applications referred to in the learning outcomes above.
  • The participants will use the hands-one activities to explore the possibilities afforded by the different tools to facilitate file management, file sharing, document collaboration and bookmark management.
  • Group sharing sessions will be conducted to enable individual participants to share with others how they may deploy cloud computing in their organisation or classroom setting.
  • Help and feedback will be available through course notes and assistance from the facilitator.

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