During this Autumn the skies over the Illawarra have been impressive, particularly at sunset. I have often found myself outside, at the back of our home, observing the approaching sunset as I sip on a drink.

The moon has been a part of these evening performances as well. This afternoon I created a few galleries highlighting some of the photographs that I have taken during the last few weeks. Clicking on each of the photographs below will take you to the relevant gallery or click on the following links: Waxing lunar | Sky on fire | Iridescent eve | Autumn sunset #2 | Autumn sunset #1 |

Sunset and moon 28th April 2012

The moon glows as sunset approaches

The skies are ablaze

Sunset May 5th 2012

An iridescent cloud adds a splash of colour to the sunset

Autumn sunset May 5th 2012

A clear Autumnal sunset

Autumn sunset April 28th 2012

Late April flames in the western skies over the Illawarra