A friend of mine that teaches in Sydney just called to share some recent experiences. She related how in recent months she has had to tolerate the rude and belligerent behavior of specific students without recourse to set disciplinary procedures.

Essentially, when the specific students are advised that they are breaking school rules or are required to stay seated they either refuse to comply, challenge the teacher, simply walk away or all of the above. When the matter is referred to higher authorities the word comes back that staff must tread lightly with these specific students as the school feels pressured or intimidated by the parents and as a result the school is reluctant or unwillng to act.

In one case the student is frequently rude, sarcastic and dismissive of the teaching staff. Their behaviour poisons the lesson and upsets other members of the classroom. My friend says the actions of this poorly mannered student are debilitating, making her feel powerless. She says the behavior of the student makes her feel worthless, like crap.

What should she do? Where can she turn?