Sootie loves to sit alongside me
Some of you know that I have a cat. Sootie. He is six and a half years old. He keeps us company. Most of the time he is well behaved however he has the odd moment when he does not like to be disturbed. I have the scars to prove it. Today I shared a photograph of Sootie reclining alongside me on the sofa and Colin Gallagher tweeted that Sootie looked like quite a character.

Well, I thought why not post that photograph of Sootie here as well as some much older images of him as a kitten where he had the chance to express his own views, courtesy of Comic Life. Curiously enough, if you search for the term “Sootie” using Google Image Search he often pops up in the first few results.
Sootie's first day in his new home Sootie likes to lie on his own back Sootie's father like to lie on his own back too Sootie loves to kill paper balls Sootie enjoys reading books