Cloud apps

I have updated a number of documents relating to the iPad and accessing the Cloud in order to save, share and backup files. The three doucments in question provide guides for Readdle Documents, CloudOn and Google Drive. Please feel free to use the guides. All I ask is that you acknowledge use and link to this site.

CloudOn is a versatile and quite amazing app that allows you to connect with the following cloud service providers on the Internet:

  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • SkyDrive

Once connected to the cloud service of your choice you can then edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in real time. Your edits are saved in real time over the web. There is no need to download a document, perform your edits and upload the modified document to the web. As such CloudOn requires a networked connection to the Internet to fully function.

Readdle Documents is an excellent document management app with a clean interface and an intuitive navigation. When you initially launch Readdle Documents you will be given the opportunity to connect to your favourite cloud service providers such as DropBox, Google Drive and SugarSync. The window at right will give you an idea of the services available.You can also connect to ftp and WebDav servers.

Getting around in Readdle Documents is easy. Simply tap on the menu items in the left sidebar. You are able to access local folders and documents, your networked servers and cloud providers, and recently viewed documents. You can also browse the Internet using the built in and well featured browser.

The Google Drive app on the iPad is quite straightforward and easy to use. You can view the contents of your Google Drive as well as shared, starred and recent items. You can also work with offline documents and manage uploads. You can easily navigate the folders within Google Drive. You are able to edit Word and Excel documents within the app. At this point in time Powerpoint documents cannot be edited.