Participants at John Larkin's iPad in Education Workshop NYGH Singapore

I am heading up to Sydney today to conduct some workshops & presentations at the iPads in Education National Conference. My stuff is concerned with creativity, inspiration and even a bit on assessment strategies in relation to the iPad in education. Resources for the workshops, as well as additional support materials, are linked to below.

On Friday I am filling in for Keith Heggart who cannot make it on the day unfortunately. I was invited to cover for Keith so I will be sharing ideas brought together by Keith on creativity, the SAMR model, iPad “app smashing” and the Australian Curriculum. “App Smashing” was coined by the app chap and history educator extraordinaire… Greg Kulowiec.

 App Smashing

Inspired by the creativity and transformational thinking of Keith Heggart ADE and Greg Kulowiec ADE

App Smashing Sites and Examples

Apps For Smashing brought together by Greg Kulowiec ADE

Keith Heggart adds these apps to the mix…

  • ThingLink ~ This app looks quite interesting…
  • Evernote ~ I agree… this a great all round bit of technology)
  • Showbie ~ Excellent way for share and collect the creative products of App Smashing
  • Adobe Voice ~ Simply Brilliant
  • Snapseed ~ Legendary app and it is free!

Here are a few apps that I know can be used to mash things up a bit…

Painting & sketching

Mind Mapping


Image Processing





Australian Curriculum

The SAMR Model

 Workshop Activities & Resources ~ Assessment

  • Document 00 NSW Stage 5 History Syllabus Depth Study 3 ~ Australia At War PDF
  • Document 01 Curriculum Integration Matrix: Depth Study 3 ~ Australia At War PDF | Word
  • Document 02 Mind Mapping The Topic PDF | Word
  • Document 03 Mapping The iPad Activity PDF | Word
  • Document 04 Planning Rubric PDF | Word
  • Document 05 iPad Presentation Assessment Rubric PDF | Word


  • Sample English Curriculum Matrix Word | PDF (Primary)
  • English Language Rubric for Student #1 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • English Language Rubric for Student #2 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • English Language Rubric for Student #3 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • English Language Rubric for Teacher Word | PDF (Primary)


  • Mathematics Rubric for Student #1 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • Mathematics Rubric for Student #2 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • Mathematics Rubric for Student #3 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • Mathematics Rubric for Teacher Word | PDF (Primary)


  • Science Rubric for Student #1 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • Science Rubric for Student #2 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • Science Rubric for Student #3 Word | PDF (Primary)
  • Science Rubric for Teacher Word | PDF (Primary)

Assessment Task Rubrics

  • Mind Mapping Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Personal Narrative Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Class Participation Rubric WordPDF (Secondary)
  • Group Choreography Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Class Discussion Assessment Rubric 01 Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Class Discussion Assessment Rubric 02  Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Blogging Assessment Rubric 01 Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Blogging Assessment Rubric 02 Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Online Discussion Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Video Project Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Web Page Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • ePortfolio Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)
  • Team Web Page Assessment Rubric Word | PDF (Secondary)

~ Download all Assessment Documents and Rubrics listed above as a Zip File via DropBox ~

 Quick Guides

Additional resources on

Key iPad in Education Resource Sites

iPads for Learning

Tablet technology in Western Australian Public Schools ~


Inclusive Technologies

Evaluating iPad Apps

Kathy Schrock: Critical Evaluation of Mobile Apps

Tony Vincent: Ways to evaluate iPad apps

Education Rubrics

Teacher Planet: Rubrics for teachers

Kathy Schrock’s Guide To Everything

Western Australia Department of Education and Training

iPad Apps

OSMO ~ not an app but an amazing peripheral

Language, Expression and Storytelling



Cross Curriculum

Mindmapping and Concept Mapping

Art and visuals

Video and animation

For Teachers