webquest screen shot

I have been working on a WebQuest activity as part of an assessment task for a subject I am currently enrolled in at the University of Wollongong. The subjects is EDGT940 Materials and Technology in TESOL. I created a dedicated web site with its own sub-domain as well as a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation is a scaled down version of the web site content.

webquest ppt image

As I mentioned over on the webquest site the activity is targeted at students with English skills at the A1-A2 levels of the Council of Europe scale. The learners should be capable of both understanding and communicating straightforward information regarding familiar situations in everyday contexts, particularly with respect to travel and web based terminology.

The students will be required to be exercise skills in reading, writing and, to a lesser extent, listening. The final product is a tri-fold brochure that features a travel itinerary for a specific destination, information regarding the currency system of that same destination and a range of helpful English phrases for the traveller.

Eventually I shall add a capacity for the students to actually publish their brochures online in a manner similar to that for sites created earlier such as the Dead Dude Diaries and I Was There When.