Ancient History HSC > Greece: Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra 371BC

The rights and privileges of the kings of Sparta

The Spartan Constitution included two kings and not just one. They had certain rights and privileges within the framework of that constitution. Please explore the following Internet sites and write a small report on the rights and privileges of the Spartan Kings using the six questions that follow. Email your report to your teacher or utilise this template and submit your report in person.

1. Herodotus on the Kings of Sparta (Ancient History Source Book)

2. Sparta ( Ancient History Source Book)(11th Brittanica Sparta. Scroll down to the section that deals with the Constitution.

3. Comparison of the governments of Athens and Sparta. Lesson page from the excellent PBS web site dedicated to Ancient Greece
. If you explore this web site from the main menu then I suggest you use the html version as the Flash version appears to be broken. There is another comparison here.

4. Spartan Royalty. The Spartan Dyarchy. A list of Spartan kings and an insight into why the two kings became an institution in Sparta.

5. Kings of Sparta (Dictionary of Government). A brief description of the Spartan kings with a list of the known kings. Some of the listed kings are hot-linked.

4. The Kings of Sparta.
A Brief description. Scroll down the page to locate it. Also describes the Gerousia, Ephorate, and the Ecclesia (assembly).

6. A commentary on Sparta. Herodotus Web Site.

7. Polity of Sparta. A description of the Spartan constitution.

8. Lycurgus and Solon: The Lawgivers of Sparta and Athens.



1. According to Herodotus what are the rights accorded to the kings of Sparta? (1)

2. According to Herodotus what are the privileges accorded to the kings of Sparta? (1)

3. When are the kings relied upon to give judgement according to Herodotus? (1)

4. Why do you think Sparta had two kings instead of one?

5. Were the two kings the most powerful institution in Sparta? Explain your answer.

6. Name and outline the significance of two Spartan kings. (Lycurgus, Leonidas, Archidamus II, Agesilaus)