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The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label Anthology

This two album set brought together a collection of rarities from the world of recorded music. The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label was a bootleg record label that produced vinyl albums of rare and hard to find recordings. Artists that were bootlegged by TAKRL included the Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Deep Purple, Bruce Springsteen and others.

The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label operated out of Anytown in the USA and was the brainchild of the late Dr. Terrence H. "Telly"fone, Art Gnuvo and Deek Kibard. There is a short history of the TAKRL record label here. A history of bootlegs can be found at the Hotwacks web site.

The sound quality of the recordings varied depending upon the origin of the source material. Some of the recordings were taken directly from other records, audience cassette tape recordings, FM radio broadcasts and television broadcasts. The quality was not really such an issue for the fans who were desperate to obtain any recording of their favourite artist. One of the most famous bootlegs of all times was an album of rare Bob Dylan recordings called The Great White Wonder. Some bootleg albums were so good they"forced" the legitimate record labels to officially release the material.


The album sleeves were usually two colour paper inserts that were slipped under the shrink wrap that enclosed the plain white cardboard album cover.

The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label was a legendary entity in the bootleg world. They never took themselves seriously however they always utilised high quality vinyl in the production of the records. You could usually obtain the records via various mail order outlets such as Toad Hall's Rare Records.


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