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  • Swarming honey beesSwarming honey bees
    I went to check in on our veggie garden this morning and was surprised to see
  • NAFA Workshop
    Resources for NAFA participants Excellent set of links with resources, guides
  • Lizard sunbakingLizard sunbaking
    Well, the lizards are out and that is a sure sign that spring is here. It is
  • Farewell SootieFarewell Sootie
    My cat Sootie left this world today. He has been a good mate and a loyal
  • Seen in SingaporeSeen in Singapore
    Captured this moment as a visitor to Singapore gazed upon the shophouses in
  • Sydney Vivid FestivalSydney Vivid Festival
    Colour, crowds and movement at the Sydney Vivid Festival 2013. Lights shows and

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  • Desktop iPad Support AppsDesktop iPad Support Apps
    Desktop applications that can enhance and empower your iPad experience include
  • iPad and the CloudiPad and the Cloud
    I have updated a number of documents relating to the iPad and accessing the
  • Guide to iMovie on the iPadGuide to iMovie on the iPad
    I have updated my guide for iMovie on the iPad. iMovie on the iPad is in many
  • Pages GuidePages Guide
    I gave the guide for Pages a bit of a spruce up and I have uploaded the latest
  • Keynote GuideKeynote Guide
    Created a guide for Keynote on the iPad. It is quite comprehensive and covers
  • Mountain TweaksMountain Tweaks
    After installing Alfred last week I decided it was time to remove the Spotlight