Creating professional self-hosted web sites using

The aim of this workshop is to share with the participants the power of self-hosting their own web site using a web-server provided by a third party.

Participants will be taught how to install the WordPress package on the server using ftp or a web-based interface. As well participants will also be taught how to configure and secure the new installation and link it to a MySQL database.

The course will also demonstrate the power and ease of use of WordPress in creating and publishing professional web sites. Participants will be shown how to install and configure a range of powerful plug-ins and versatile themes.

During the workshop participants will explore how a variety of specific pages can be created for galleries and static content in addition to the dynamic news feed page. Features such as widgets, page layout, image presentation and video publishing will also be shared with the participants.




8 hours

Learning Outcomes for Participants

At the end of the course, participants will be able to develop the skills and techniques required to:

  • Install the WordPress package on a server
  • Configure a MySQL5 database
  • Configure and secure a WordPress installation
  • Work with cPanel and ftp software
  • Install and configure a range of plug-ins
  • Install and configure a range of themes
  • Set up menus
  • Configure different page styles
  • Embed images and video within a post or web page
  • Add widgets to increase the functionality of the WordPress web site
  • Creating categories and tags for your posts
  • Managing the WordPress dashboard
  • Manage pages and posts
  • Managing publishing, privacy and writing settings for your site
  • Adding and appointing user roles
Post editing window

Post editing window

Target Audience

  • Teachers (Primary, Secondary and Colleges)
  • Academic Staff (ITE, Polytechnic, University and Training Institutes)
  • Instructional Designers


  • This workshop is recommended for experienced users of web-based tools and software. The “challenge” level of this workshop is classed as medium to advanced.
  • Participants are also advised to have a range of images available for processing to be uploaded to their WordPress web sites
  • It is recommended that participants bring a thumb drive or USB Flash drive so that they can take electronic copies of resources provided during the course
  • Finally, participants are advised to consult the relevant resources and links available at the following web site prior to the course
Published post

Published post


During the course:

  • The presenter will demonstrate and share with the participants how to install and configure WordPress on a web server
  • The participants will install, configure and customise WordPress to meet their needs.
  • The participants will be given instruction in the use of ftp and MySQL database access.
  • The instructor will provide brief presentations and instructions relevant to the desired learning outcomes listed above followed by related hands-on activities by the participants creating their WordPress site
  • The participants will work both individually and in small groups, to develop their skills in publishing with WordPress with respect to the individual outcomes outlined above
  • Help and feedback will be available through course notes and assistance from the facilitator

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