iPad in education workshop NYGH Singapore

Exploring the Apple iPad in Teaching and Learning

The aim of this course is to demonstrate the practical application of the Apple iPad mobile device in an educational setting. An emphasis on hands-on activities and the sharing of relevant strategies will be the hallmarks of the course.

Participants will be guided through the use of a range of applications considered essential for educators. Strategies that focus upon creativity, writing, image-processing, mind-mapping, virtual whiteboards, gaming, video processing, audio recording, online publishing, wireless networking and resource management will be explored by all present.

Apple iPad Collage

Apple iPad Collage

Important system settings, including the use of international keyboards, will also be shown to the participants. A variety of documents including unit of work templates, annotated lists of recommended iPad applications, lesson suggestions and application guides will be shared with the participants.


8 hours

Learning Outcomes for Participants

At the end of the course, participants will be able to develop the skills and techniques required to:

  • Identify and review practical iPad applications for educators
  • Create and compose text documents
  • Create and write presentations
  • Create and write spreadsheets
  • Create and publish artwork
  • Work with handwriting recognistion software
  • Create, process and publish audio and video files
  • Process images and photographs
  • Manage, annotate and share pdf documents
  • Create, edit, share and publish mind-maps
  • Publish online
  • Manage, review and share files wirelessly
  • Connect with other educators via social media
  • Manage and sync files using iTunes
  • Identify and review games useful for educators and their students
  • Identify and review rich news and media applications useful for educators and their students
  • Identify and review dedicated educational applications
  • Plan, create and map a curriculum specific lesson plan or unit of work incorporating one or more iPad applications
  • Integrate strategies and iPad technologies effectively into a curriculum
  • Utilise the iPad as a display device
  • Set up the iPad as a second display monitor using the application Air Display

iPad in Education Workshop NYGH Singapore

Target Audience

  • Teachers (Primary, Secondary and Colleges)
  • Academic Staff (ITE, Polytechnic, University and Training Institutes)
  • Instructional Designers


  • Participants must bring an iPad and the Dock Connector to USB cable to the course
  • Please ensure that the battery of the iPad is fully charged prior to the course
  • Participants are also advised to have a range of images available for processing saved to the Photos app on the iPad
  • It is recommended that participants bring a thumb drive or USB Flash drive so that they can take electronic copies of resources provided during the course
  • Finally, participants are advised to consult the relevant resources and links available at the following web site prior to the course http://www.larkin.net.au/



During the course:

  • The presenter will share examples illustrating the manner in which the iPad is currently being deployed in teaching and learning situations
  • The participants will subscribe to and connect their iPads to the wireless network at Nanyang Technological University
  • The instructor will provide brief presentations and instructions relevant to the desired learning outcomes followed by related hands-on activities by the participants with their iPads
  • The participants will work both individually and in small groups, together with their iPads, to develop their skills in using the iPad applications referred to in the learning outcomes above.
  • Group sharing sessions will be conducted to enable individual participants to share with others how they are currently applying the iPad in their organisation or classroom setting
  • Groups will also form to design, plan and write sample units of work or lesson plans that deploy the iPad, using the curriculum programming templates provided by the facilitator
  • Help and feedback will be available through course notes and assistance from the facilitator

Workshop Resources

Desktop computer applications that can support your iPad experience

The following applications are not apps that can be found in the app store. They are desktop computer applications. Review and then download the application from the developer’s web site via a web browser on your laptop or desktop computer.

The following three desktop applications allow you to transfer files between the iPad and your computer.

This application allows you to convert DVDs and other video sources, such as AVI files to a format that will work well on the iPad. Simply use the iPad preset when converting or “ripping” your video source.

These three applications allow you to share your iPad screen to the screen of a desktop or laptop computer via AirPlay. You could connect to your computer to a projector so that is displays your iPad screen via your computer. This will allow you to be free to walk around the room. The Reflection application (now known as Reflector) allows you to record your actions on the iPad and then save that as a video file. This option may not be available on all operating systems. You can use this method to create “how to” video files for your students and colleagues.

iPad in Education Workshop NYGH Singapore