Year Nine History… browse on over to the Australian War Memorial’s web site and in particular visit this specific web site: ‘Remember me: the lost diggers of Vignacourt’ classroom resource.

Choose one of the following historical artefacts or sources to explore:

  • Pictorial pocket New Testament
  • Next-of-kin plaque
  • Tambourine
  • 19th Battalion colour patch
  • Victoria Cross
  • Puttee

Once you have selected the artefact or source read the information and then answer the questions for that particular source. Use the links that follow some of the activities to obtain further information.

Record your answers and incorporate suitable images using Pages or Microsoft Word… try using a template.

  • The title of the document should be based on the source or artefact that you chose
  • Include your name and class on the document
  • Include a map that shows the location of Vignacourt
  • Include the question with your answer
  • Add graphics and photographs to support your answer.
  • Two A4 pages in length

Save you work to a thumb drive, or, email it to yourself. Please send your completed activity to Mr Larkin via his school email address.