Teacher's classroom desk

I took this photograph of the table in my classroom at the end of the day. Friday. The end of a two week teaching cycle. Naturally, I always look forward to Friday. I finish each two week cycle with a double period of Year Nine History. Those in the know will appreciate that.

You may spot the toolbox on the desk. It has everything I and the students need. It is a an “in-joke” really however that is the way it is. I have also been using AppleTV in my classroom this year so that I can project wirelessly from my iPad or Mac. Not today. More on that in my next post. The classroom is actually a place of solace for me. An escape from all of the other stuff that gets in the way of the actual teaching and learning. I like to go to my classroom and add/remove posters, tinker with the wireless set up and “psych” myself for the lessons to follow. I always aim to arrive before the students.

I publish my timetable below to give other teachers an idea of my teaching fortnight. I teach 46 lessons and I also have 4 playground duties. That is a normal load for which I am grateful. Other colleague have more challenging timetables. The playground duty is in the “COLA” which is an acronym for the covered outdoor learning area. I feel it is one of the ugliest structures in any school that I have ever been to, yet, that is just my opinion. If I had the power I would tear it down and sell the steel for scrap. I do not have the power.

I teach 6 different classes. Stage 4 History (Year 8 X 2), Stage 5 History (Year 9 x 2; Year 10 x 1), Stage 6 History (Year 11 Ancient History)

Each lesson is 52 minutes long, except on Monday when they are slightly truncated due to the morning assembly. How does this timetable compare to your timetable? I am curious.


Two week cycle


Week A


Week B