This weekend I had continued working on the web project for my Year Nine History students. The name of the project is the Dead Dude Diaries. Each student will be stepping back in time and keeping a diary of their lives and experiences during the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and beyond.

Dead Dudes Screen Shot Purple

I have created a WordPress multisite that will allow the students to register their own WordPress web site. I have created a new class of WordPress user labelled “Student” which is a hybrid of an Editor and an Administrator in WordPress. The main reasons for this was to reduce the load on myself as there will eventually be 90+ sites and to also limit the number of settings options available to the students. Clicking on the screen shot below will give you an idea of the reduced feature set for the students within the WordPress dashboard.

Wordpress feature set for students

I have customised the appearance of the WordPress site in some areas as well. Only the students will be able to sign up for a site.

Dead Dudes Login

I have created two more “how to” guides for the students and I have also added them to the resources attached to this site. One is a guide to writing posts and the other a guide for embedding images. They are linked to below.

write post

Writing a post in a WordPress site

embed image

Embedding images in a WordPress site

The earlier guides created for the embedding of audio and video are linked to below.

Video embed pdf

Embedding video in a WordPress site

Audio embed pdf

Embedding audio in a WordPress site