John Larkin at the end of the walk

My recent wonderful experiences at the Singapore National Academy, which served to reassure me that I actually am an inspiring and experienced educator, will forever serve as a milestone for me as it was the moment during which I completed the crossing of an event horizon from one stage in my education career to the next. I have been on a voyage, rather perilous at times,  during which I travelled from a period in my career that can only be described as a truly iniquitous black hole through to a new universe in which I am surrounded with leaders in education that are dedicated, innovative, and caring. These leaders are expert practitioners and not pontificating puppets. They are leaders with vision, a real vision that one can witness, sense and experience.

As I navigated that event horizon in recent months and crossed over into an enlightened and enriching universe I found myself spending rewarding times at Nanjing International School, Western International School of Shanghai, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), the Mantle Librarians’ Conference (Newcastle) and the Singapore National Academy (Surabaya). When I completed the crossing it was clearly and unambiguously revealed to me that the previous environment which I had endured was a dark singularity ~ an education system and an over-arching organisation, that some would allege, is blackened by mythological ignorance and instructional ineptitude. A system seemingly mired deep in the past, inert and immovable.

I have departed from that existence and embarked on a new journey filled with hope and inspiration.