This web site provides links to resources and web sites that you may find useful for your research of the topic, The Vietnam War. Class Powerpoint here.

Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia This web site is the main portal for all Vietnam Veterans' in Australia. Click on the 'Education' link to find more useful resources.

Australians At War
The Vietnam War

This excellent web site is hosted by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra. It has first hand accounts of the Vietnam War. There are transcripts and audio files that you can listen to online. Some of the links to video material are broken.

Two Sides to Every Story:
Perspectives on the Vietnam War and the Iraq War.
This is the edited text of a talk given by Quynh Dao on the 26th of May 2004. Quynh fled from Vietnam after the Vietnam War, having experienced the conflict and the ensuing communist regime  

The Vietnam War
A Pictorial Showcase

This web site presents a series of excellent photographs illustrating the people, machinery, horrors and impact of the Vietnam War.

Salute to Vietnam Veterans
40th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan

This web site commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. It features excellent historical galleries of both Vietnam and Long Tan itself.   Vietnam War 1962-1972 This is the web site created by the Australian War Memorial. It features an overview of the war, links to further resources and some photographs.

National Vietnam Veterans' Museum This museum is opening on the 9th March 2007. Be among the first to visit its web site.   The Vietnam War This page is hosted by the Department of Defence in Canberra. It provides an overview of Australia's involvement in the war.

Vietnam War - critical analysis This page is a collection of links hosted by Aldridge State High School.

  Vietnam Website This web site is hosted by the Spartacus educational group in the United Kingdom. It features links to a number of web sites.

Australian Draft Resistance This web page looks at draft resistance in Australia as well as the conscription issue.   The Australian Involvement in Vietnam This web site was created by Ern marshall. It features a variety of links that lead to first hand accounts of the Vietnam War.

Why did Australia fight in the Vietnam War? This site was created by the National Centre for History Education. Some of the links point to incorrect sources however there are a variety of valuable sources.   Normie Rowe - a Vietnam War veteran This is an interesting article about Normie Rowe. He was a popular vocalist who was conscripted to fight in the Vietnam War.

Conscription This web site is about the history of conscription in Australia. It is hosted on the Digger History web site.   The Vietnam War This web site is concerned with opposition to the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War Wikipedia entry. This is a useful starting point for your research. The focus is on American involvement. Check out the links at the foot of that page. Remember, this site contains research and reports that may not be proven or substantiated.
  Save Our Sons - The Vietnam War A number of women share their remembrances of the Save Our Sons movement that opposed Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

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