Welcome to the first edition of the Pasir Ris Mercury

The Pasir Ris Mercury is published on a regular basis so that you can keep up to date with John and Shao Ping and their respective activities in Singapore and elsewhere.

New articles and links will be posted from time to time. Regular readers will be informed by email of any updates to the pages. So keep in touch. Be informed. Read the Pasir Ris Mercury... and remember... never ever take any of this seriously.

New Era Dawns in Pasir Ris...

Read all about the arrival of John and Shao Ping in the town of Pasir Ris. Will they like the move from Bukit Batok?

Evan hits Singapore

Read all about the adventures of Evan, John and Shao Ping as the lively trio go on a mad-cap romp around town.

New offices for the team at Knowledge Villlage...

Check out the new offices of KV in this picture story that is sure to please.

The view from Block 254

Scan the world as seen from Block 254. North, South, East and West all get a guernsey in this postcard story.

Spotlight on Chinatown

Let this picture story reveal to you the beauty and mystery of Singapore's Chinatown district.

Sri Mariamman Temple... as busy as ever

Catch a glimpse of the beautiful and intricate detail of this famous Hindu temple.

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