Issue 2 of the Pasir Ris Mercury finally makes it to the stands

Well, welcome to issue two of the Mercury. It is hoped you find the stories interesting and informative. The Pasir Ris Mercury is published on a regular basis so that you can keep up to date with John and Shao Ping and their respective activities in Singapore and elsewhere. Remember... never ever take any of this seriously.

International visitors rock in to Singapore

Shao Ping and John meet with friends and visitors from Taiwan, Japan, the United States and also the island of Hawaii!

Bug Ants.

The kitchen is raided by thousands of menacing ants. Read all about the invasion and potential solutions to the problem.

Electronic art exhibited by graduating Lasalle SIA students

Meet some of the students from the Lasalle SIA College of the Arts at this exhibition recently held at the Pavillion in the Far East Square Complex.

Project Eyeball Interview

Journalists from Project Eyeball paid a visit in order to interview the team at Knowledge Village and so discover what is it like to set up shop in South Bridge Road.

Expedition to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Check out this picture story of an expedition to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Visiting educator and technology expert, Russell Brown of Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Victoria, reveals the possibilities of teaching with dataloggers in the field.

Washing Machine eliminates odour ordeal

The recent purchase of a washing machine has ended the odour problem created by John and Shao Ping.

New MRT Train thrills trainspotters

John and Shao Ping shared the excitement of an unexpected ride on a new MRT train recently.

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