What's New?

7th June, 2000

An addendum was added to the article about the new MRT trains. A quiet moment.

5th June, 2000

Volume 1, Issue 3 hits the stands with a special wedding issue. Added some thoughts to the editorial and added more links to both the general links and Singapore links pages. You can access Shao Ping's fledgling web site as well. Added a new image to the gallery.

22nd May, 2000

In response to the readers I added a few more Ant Links. Some great lesson plans for teachers are included among the links.

21st May, 2000

Volume 1 Number 2 added stories concerning visitors from overseas, marauding ants, multimedia art, interviews, rainforest expeditions, washing machines and new MRT trains. I also updated the editorial, gallery, archive and contact sections. Click on the links above to explore those areas.

14th May, 2000

Additional scenes and notes have been added to the earlier news stories concerned with Block 254 Bukit Batok, the move to Pasir Ris, life in Chinatown and the Sri Mariamman Temple.