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History ~ Year 8

The students of Year Eight explore the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome. They also look at the history of indigenous peoples around the globe including the Aztecs of Mexico, the plains Indians of North America and the Australian Aborigines.
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Ancient Egypt
  Ancient Greece
Egyptian Book of the Dead   The Ancient Greeks
Ancient Egypt WebQuest   Ancient Greece ~ History for Kids
Ancient Egypt Teacher Resource File   The Greeks ~ Crucible of Civilisation
Ancient Egypt ~ History for Kids   Winged Sandals
Resources for teachers & students   Ancient Greece
Pyramids, Mummies & Daily Life   The Ancient Olympics
Egyptmania Coloring Book   Olympic Games of Ancient Greece
Egyptian Image Galleries   The Persian Wars
Ancient Egypt   The Persian Wars
Ancient Egypt ~ The Mythology   The Persian Wars
Neferchichi's Tomb   Greek Mythology
King Tutankhamen   Ancient Athens of Greece
Treasures of Egypt   Ancient Greece ~ Athens
The Dynasties   Ancient Greece ~ Olympia
Hieroglyphs   Olympic Games Scavenger Hunt
Hieroglyphics   Sparta
Virtual Egyptian Museum   Sparta Quiz
Neferchichi's Tomb   Sparta
The Story of the Rosetta Stone   Antikythera mechanism
Rosetta Stone   The Peloponnesian War
The Rosetta Stone ~ British Museum   BBC History ~ The Greeks
The Book Of The Dead    
Execution ~ Elizabethan Style   The Plains Indians
Egyptian Photographs ~ Excellent   National Museum of American Indians
Photographs of Egypt   American Indians
Images of the Nile & Egypt   Indians.org
Ancient Egypt Clip Art   Native American Images
How to build the pyramids   The Plains Indians
Exploring Ancient World Cultures   Plains Indians
Art in Ancient Egypt   Saskatchewan Story
Coffins of the Pa-debehu-Aset    
The Book of the Dead   The Vikings
The Book of the Dead   The Vikings
The Book of the Dead   Viking Quest ~ Game
Explore the Pyramids   The Vikings ~ BBC
AERA ~ Archaeology of ancient Egypt   The Vikings
    The Vikings
The Middle Ages
Life In The Middle Ages    
Feudal Life
Life During The Middle Ages
Chivalry & Knighthood
Tales of the Middle Ages
  Myall Creek Massacre
Please ensure that you check the quality of each of the following web sites... Which is good? Which is not?
Crime & Punishment   Myall Creek Massacre 1838
Middle Ages Links   Myall Creek Massacre ~ Ngiyani Winangay Gamunga
Enter the Middle Ages   Myall Creek Massacre ~ CAP NSW Site
Battle of Hastings Links  

Myall Creek Massacre Memorial

Castles   Myall Creek massacre ~ Wikipedia
Medieval Life   Teacher Plan
Pepys' Diary   Lesson Plan & Worksheet (doc)
Geoffrey Chaucer   Myall Creek Memorial ~ Gallery
  Len Payne and Myall Creek
    Myall Creek Station 1994
The Sixties   Myall Creek Massacre & Memorial
    The Coniston Massacre
The Psychedelic Sixties    
Sixties City   Tasmanian Aboriginals
American Cultural History ~ 60s   TheTasmanian Aboriginals
Nostalgia Central ~ The Sixties   Trugernanner (Truganini)
Australia in the Sixties ~ reference   Fanny Cochrane-Smith
    William Lanne
    Relations with the Aborigines
    Destruction of Aboriginal Tasmania
    History of Tasmanian Aboriginals
Other categories
Dig Into History ~ Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Civilisations Links
BBC ~ Inside Ancient History
Ancient History ~ Exploring Ancient World Cultures
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History of Malta ~ Skola Maltija
Perseus Digital Library
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Australian Dictionary of Biography
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