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History ~ Year 12 Ancient History

Topics covered in the Year 12 Higher School Certificate HSC Ancient History course include Akhenaten, Spartan Society, the Greek World 500~440BC and the core study ~ Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Pompeii & Herculaneum
Superintendent of Archaeology at Pompeii ~   Pompeii Forum Project

History of the excavations
The eruption of Vesuvius
Visiting the site ~
Historical background
Explore Pompeii by topics

Suggested explorations
Photographs of Pompeii

Francois Mazois The Ruins of Pompeii

Traffic in Pompeii
Impact of the Vesuvian eruption
The streets of Pompeii

Work & Play in Pompeii
Portents of Disaster
Art and Architecture Gallery
Discovery and preservation


The Macellum
Imperical Cult Building ~ Macellum
Imperial Cult Building
Sanctuary of the Genius of Augustus
Imperial Cult Building ~ Sanctuary of the Genius of Augustus
Genius of Augustus ~ Eumachia Building
Eumachia Building
Archival Photographs

Individual sites

CyArk Pompeii Project
Field Museum ~ Stories from an eruption
John Hauser's Pictures of Pompeii
Pompeian Households
Buffalo University ~ Pompeii Gallery

QTVR tour of Pompeii
Pompeii ~ Stories from an eruption
Archaeology's Interactive Dig
Pompeii Sepolta
Explore Pompeii ~ The Last Day
Images of Ancient Greece & RomeSample plan of a Roman house

Photographic Galleries    
Pompeii, 2002 by Gerald Oskoboiny
The Stoa Image Gallery
Gallery of photographs by Mary Harrsch
gallery of photographs by Caledus
Naples Archaeological Museum by Gauis Caecilius
Vesuvius by Gauis Caecilius
Pompeii by Gauis Caecilius
Pompeii by Totentaz
Campania by Paul Turner
Pompeii and Herculaneum by Raggi de Sole
Campania by Clyde House
Pompeii by GerCMByrne
Jo Geranio's images of Roman Coinage
Pompeii by Liminae
Trip to Naples by Martin Dixon featuring photographs of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, Capri, National Archaeology Museum

Exploring Ancient World Cultures   Akhenaten ~ Ancient Egypt
The Greeks ~ Crucible of Civilisation   Ancient Egypt Online
Lycurgus ~ Father of Sparta   Akhenaten by Megaera Lorenz
Spartan mothers and their sons at war   Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten)
Thermopylae   Nefertiti
Thermopylae   Virtual Egyptian Museum
The Oracle at Delphi   Ancient Egyptian Dynasties
Delphi   National Geographic Site ~ Egypt
Naval Warfare in Ancient Greece   Ancient Egypt Teacher Resource File
Naval Warfare   Akhenaten Timeline
The Wooden Wall & The Oracle   Virtual tour of the Aten temple
Themistocles & The Oracle   The Glory of the Aten
Themistocles   Hymn To The Aten
Ancient Greek World Links   The Great Hymn to the Aten
Map of Ancient Greece   Hymn To The Aten
Maps at the Herodotus site   Great Hymn to the Aten
Herodotus Site   Virtual Egypt Museum
Demos ~ Classic Athenian Democracy   Living Through The Aten
Athenian Law   Ancient Egypt ~ The Mythology
Ancient Greece Resources   Amun & Amun-Re
Athens   Valley of the Kings ~ Luxor
Images of Ancient Greece & Rome   Ancient Egypt
    Digital Egypt
    King Tutankhamun
    Deir el-Medina Database
    Egyptian Archaeolgy
    Egypt State Information Service
    The Many Faces of Horemheb
    An Introduction to Egyptian Art
    Art in Ancient Egypt
    Coffins of the Pa-debehu-Aset
    The Book of the Dead
    The Book of the Dead
    The Book of the Dead
    Beneath the mask ~ Tutankhamun
    AERA ~ Archaeology of ancient Egypt
    Theban Mapping Project
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