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History ~ Year 11 Ancient History

The Year 11 Preliminary Ancient History course covers a wide range of topics that stretch through time from the life and times of the Iceman, through to the life of the Greeks, Trojans and Celts. Students are also given an introduction to the archaeological method.

Archaeological Method
  The Celts
Learning archaeology   Iron Age Celts in Britain
Learning technology ~ toc   Iron Age Western Europe
Archaeological method   The Hochdorf Grave
Past perfect ~ archaeology   Sacred Celtic Crosses
Remote sensing ~ crop marks   Celtic Symbols
Aerial archaeology   The Gundestrup Cauldron
Aerial archaeology ~ introduction   Celtic WebQuest
Senquence Stratigraphy   The Hochdorf Burial
Stratigraphy   Celtic Europe
Seriation Dating   Celtic Peoples of Roman Britain
Dendrochronology   The Celts
Ultimate Tree Ring Pages   World of the Ancient Britons
Historic Air Photos   Who were the Celts?
Interpreting Stratigraphy ~ Manual   The Celts
AERA ~ Archaeology of ancient Egypt   Celtic Nations
A Light in the East   Celtic Timeline
    Celtic Britain
Thera ~ Santorini    
Santorini ~ Greece   Boudica
The Eruption of Thera   In Boudica's Footsteps
Thera ~ Santorini   Wikipedia ~ Boudica
The Island of Thera   Roman Britain ~ Boudica
Ancient Thera Photos   BBC History ~ Boudica
The Thera Foundation   Boudica ~ Britain's Warrior Queens
Could Atlantis still exist?   Boudica ~ Queen of the Iceni
Echoes of Plato's Atlantis    
Helike ~ The Real Atlantis   Troy & Heinrich Schliemann
City of Poseidon ~ Helike   Schliemann ~ Heros & Mythos
Atlantis Uncovered   Heinrich Schliemann ~ bio
    Project Troia
Deir el-Medina   Troy VII & The Trojan War
Deir el-Medina feature story   Heinrich Schliemann's Papers
Deir el-Medina database    
Deir el-Medina   General
Deir el-Medina   Ancient Civilisations Links
    BBC ~ Inside Ancient History
Preserved Human Remains
  Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Bog Bodies in Museums   Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bog Bodies of the Iron Age   The British Museum
Meeting the bog bodies   Secrets of Lost Empires
Human Remains   Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Human Sacrifice   BBC Ancient History
Iceman ~ South Tyrol Museum   The Oriental Institute
Otzi The Iceman   BBC ~ Civilisations
The Iceman   The Roman Empire
Death of the Iceman   Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Human remains   Internet Global History Sourcebook
Iceman links   World Civilisations
    The Ancient World
    Collapse ~ Why Do Civilisations Fail?
    Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
    Antiqua Medicina ~ Medical History
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