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Digital photography in teaching & learning

Do you own a digital still camera? Have you incorporated your own digital photographs into your daily classroom practice? Are you working on a teaching and learning project that will be enhanced with the use of digital images?


This workshop is designed to teach you how to make better use of your digital still camera. At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Storyboard a photography project
  • Compose and shoot better photographic images
  • Confidently master the functions and features of your digital camera
  • Facilitate and troubleshoot the downloading of images
  • Manage image files and image libraries effectively
  • Experiment with different photographic techniques
  • Understand the relationship between resolution, image dimensions & file size
  • Perform modifications to your images using image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop® and/or Adobe Photoshop Elements®
  • Import your images into other applications such as word processors, presentation software or video processing software

Practical examples are shared with the participants during the workshop. The participants are invited to share their teaching needs and ideas so that all may benefit from the range of solutions afforded during the workshop.


Upon completion of the workshop participants shall be able to:

  • Use their digital camera more effectively
  • Make informed decisions regarding the subject matter and the composition of their digital photographs
  • Take appropriate actions regarding the subject matter and the composition of their digital photographs
  • Effectively plan for the practical use of their photographs in an educational setting
  • Improve, enhance and modify the appearance of their digital photographs so that they can be employed as media in a variety of teaching and learning applications
  • Export their digital images into a variety of software applications

Further information

Download a brochure in pdf format that provides additional details regarding the workshop (972 kb).

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Photoshop CS Activity [pdf]
Photoshop Elements Mac [pdf]
Photoshop Elements Tips [pdf]
Digital Photography Presentation [pdf]

Workshop images. You may use each of the following images in the workshop.

Alternatively, you can simply download a compressed zip file of all 12 images: Image Zip

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials:

1. Virtual Training Help Centre at the ITT
2. Adobe Photoshop Basics: A Free Online Class
3. Adobe Photoshop Resources

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks:

1. General Digital Photography Tips and Technique
2. Photography Guide
3. Photography Tips.Com