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Digital video in teaching and learning

In this video production and editing course, you will learn the essential techniques in capturing and editing digital video content.


Digital video is a powerful teaching and learning medium. It allows both the teacher and the student to communicate their knowledge and understanding in a rich visual context. Video can be used to capture unique content both at school and in the field. The following knowledge and skillswill be covered during the workshop:

  • Operating digital video cameras
  • Care and organization of the camera and peripherals
  • Connecting the digital video camera to the PC
  • Preparing digital resources for your digital video project
  • Digital video storyboard development
  • Digital video camera techniques
  • Capturing different camera shots
  • Optimal software settings in capturing video for editing
  • Essential techniques in video editing and exporting
The participants partake in a brief field trip so that they may apply some of the techniques taught during the initial morning session.
Practical examples are shared with the participants during the workshop. The participants are invited to share their teaching needs and ideas so that all may benefit from the range of solutions afforded during the workshop.


Upon completion of the workshop participants shall be able to:

  • Use their digital camera more effectively
  • Make informed decisions regarding the subject matter and the composition of their digital photographs
  • Take appropriate actions regarding the subject matter and the composition of their digital photographs
  • Effectively plan for the practical use of their photographs in an educational setting
  • Improve, enhance and modify the appearance of their digital photographs so that they can be employed as media in a variety of teaching and learning applications
  • Export their digital images into a variety of software applications

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