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Lectora web publishing workshop

Teachers and academic staff can feel constrained by the limitations of learning management systems. They seek methods that will allow them to create and design instructional materials that can be distributed either online or via portable storage media. This workshop aims to meet that need.


This workshop is designed to provide the participant with a practical and enriching introduction to the processes and possibilities of:
  • Publishing on the Internet
  • Creating their own multimedia
  • Distribution of enriched curriculum support material
Lectora Publisher is an authoring and publishing software tool that allows you to create custom eLearning multimedia lessons, courses and a wide variety of presentation content. Materials created using Lectora can be delivered through the Internet, an intranet or via a CD-ROM.

This hands-on session is designed for staff, without prior knowledge in web page creation, whom would like to know how to setup a basic personal or course web site. Participants will also be taught how to create their own educational CD-ROMs and educational software applications (exe).


Upon conclusion of this course participants will be able to…
  • Preparing and organizing resources for your web publishing project
  • Basic storyboarding techniques
  • Create a web site using the Wizards and templates or from scratch
  • Add pages, text, navigation, background image, table-of-content, hyperlink
  • Import text files, images, audio, video, animations
  • Add actions, such as show/hide, toggle states, text links
  • Publish/distribute content in HTML, EXE or CD formats

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