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Podcasting & vodcasting links & directories

Podcast Directories and Descriptions

Podcast.net This is a directory of podcasts from across the globe. They are catalogued in a manner not unlike the directories of such search facilities as Yahoo.This would be a good starting point for novices just entering the world of podcasting.

Podcasting Wikipedia entry for podcasting. This entry describes the history, technology and functionality of podcasting.

Apple's Podcast Page This page describes how users can subscribe to podcasts via iTunes.

Podcasting ~ About.com This is About.com's main resource for information about podcasting. There are links to "how to" guides, podcast directories and software.

Understanding the Podcasting Revolution This article by Jeremy Horwitz was published on the iPodlounge web site. It is quite informative.

Playlist: A podcast of your own This web site describes the equipment and software needed to generate a quality podcast.

engadget How to subscribe to and also make your own podcasts.

Podcasting Tools This site is a comprehensive podcasting resource detailing everything you need to know about podcasting.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation ~ Radio National This is Radio National's "Downloadable Audio Project". They have begun providing MP3 downloads and podcast feeds for many of theirprograms. Some files will be an entire program, some will be a selected segment. The audio is in MP3 format.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Podcasting directory for a range of programmes broadcast by the ABC in Australia.

SBS Special Broadcasting Service Podcast directory of programmes broadcast by SBS Radio in Australia. The SBS World View programme is podcasted in six different languages.

BBC Radio Podcast Trial This is the lead page for the BBC's foray into podcasting.

Singapore: Gold90FM Podcasts ~ Subscribe here.

Singapore Symphony 92.4FM These are actually mp3 files that one can listen to directly or download. There is no subscription feed.

Japan: J-Wave podcasting Page]. This page links to podcasts by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sano Motoharu and others

Yahoo Podcasting Directory

iPodder.org Podcasting software and directory. This is set up like a blog and it has a selection of excellent menu items on the right hand side of the web page with information regardingpodcasting and its history. Note: This link appears to be broken or intermittent as of February 2006.

Receiving podcasts

iTunes Player This must now be the best software for podcast subscribing, organising and listening. It works on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Juice Podcast Receiver This software allows you to subscribe to and then to listen to podcasts. This software was formally known as iPodder.

Doppler Podcast Software This software allows you to subscribe and listen to podcasts.

iFill iFill from Griffin Technologies streams mp3 files from thousands of free radio stations directly to your iPod. You can choose several stations at once and select from many different genres. And since iFill goes directly to your iPod, it won't clutter up your hard drive with extra files.

Creating podcasts

Apple's GarageBand Excellent audio recording and music creation software that allows you to build excellent podcasts.

Podcast Maker This excellent Macintosh software allows you to create quality podcasts. macintosh software

ProfCast Absolutely brilliant software that allows you to easily create vodcasts uisng your powerpoint presentations.

Propaganda Software Excellent all-in-one software for Windows XP users.

Podacst Station Excellent all-in-one software for Windows XP users.

Apple Podcasting Server A podcast can be simply a file attached to a blog. The server makes the blog and podcast freely available for subscription using the RSS 2.0 protocol. Apple’s Podcasting Server makes publishing a podcast as easy as clicking a button and attaching a file.

Podomatic Online service that allows users to record video and audio online and to have a good looking online looking podcast presence.

Audio Technology in Teaching & Learning: Ideas for the classroom. Excellent web site created by Jeanette Davies of the Wollongong Diocese CEO. She has created an excellent set of resources and "how to's" in pdf format. This is a well set out and informative web site.

Podifier This software allows you to create, upload publish your own podcast.

Additional podcasting software links...

Creating audio for podcasts

Apple's GarageBand Excellent audio recording and music creation software that allows you to build excellent podcasts.

Audacity Sound Editor This software allows you to create and edit sudio files then can then be exported to an mp3 file.

LAME mp3 encoder This piece of software is an Audcaity software plug-in designed to convert audio files to mp3 format. How to install: [How to install] Download the LAME mp3 encoder file: Macintosh: [Download Macintosh plug-in] Windows: [Download Windows plug-in]

Rogue Amoeba. A software company that creates brilliant audio recording and audio management software for the Mac.

Windows based MP3 players

MusicMatch Player This software allows you to play mp3 files ]

Anapod Software for the iPod. Excellent windows based software designed for the iPod.

Other Podcast Related Software

Podcast Publishing Software Links This set of links provides a brief description of various software applications that allow you to create podcasts.

RSS Validator for the technically minded

RSS Code Validator This web site allows you to test whether or not an RSS script is correct or not. [RSS Code Validator]

Sites and articles regarding the use of podcasting in education

Carnegie Mellon University Podcasting White Paper. "Sharing audio and video files on the Web has been possible for most of the last decade. Why, then, in the past two years has podcasting exploded onto the scene and become such a hot topic in educational technology?

How does this new technology and its widespread adoption create new opportunities in education? Is it just a passing trend, or is there genuine potential to improve the quality of the educational experience and learning outcomes?

This paper attempts to answer these questions through the
exploration of educational podcasting in three realms: the creation and distribution of lecture archives for review, the delivery of supplemental educational materials and content, and assignments requiring students to produce and submit their own podcasts."

Education Podcast Network The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Podagogy "Where podcasting meets teaching and learning". This site is created by Randy Meredith at Spring Arbor University. There is information about podcasting and online learning.

iPods@ECU This is an excellent resource. The intro to this article states..."There are a number of ways for educators to use IPods in Teaching and Learning. The following is a list of uses we have found. These have been divided into generic areas and possible directions within these areas." Following that is a comprehensive list of how iPods can be used in the teaching and learning arena.

Podcasting Workshop. This web site clearly and succinctly sets out the key ingredients of setting up a podcast. The author, Michael Coghlan, is an educator with a keen interest and involvement in the use of eLearning and Web 2.0 tools in teaching and learning. Michael also has a podcast, Podding Downunder, through which he shares key points and milestones.

Podcasting Resources for Educators & Students compiled by Gary S. Stager. This is a comprehensive list of resources for educators interested in creating podcasts.

Audio Technology Ideas for the classroom. Excellent web site created by Jeanette Davies of the Wollongong Catholic Diocese CEO. Jeanette has created an excellent set of resources and "how to's" in pdf format. This is a well set out and informative web site.

Podkids Australia Primary school students podcasting from Western Australia. Topics cover areas including sport, music and Harry Potter. Feed: [feed://www.podkids.com.au/rss]

Teaching via Podcasting "Encouraging Independent Learning with Tools and Methods that Students will Love" Andy Jones. This web site provides a list of informative links on the topic of podcasting.

Computer Science E-1. Understanding computers and the Internet. [http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~cscie1/?page=podcast&type=static] Subscribe to the podcast feed via this link: [Computer Science E-1] and if you are using iTunes utilise this link: [iTunes subscription]. These podcasts were set up by David J. Malan of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School at Harvard University.

Apple: Podcasting in Education Apple's educational podcasting hub. Links to resources, software and help.

Pushing Information to iPods A pdf that describes how you can distribute data to iPods.

Seven Things You Should Know About Podcasting A pdf file that can be downloaded from the Educause web site.

eLearning Centre UK Podcasting resource page. This page provides links to a number of resources looking at the phenomenon known as podcasting and its use in education and training.

Podagogy at the School of Sport, Performing Arts & Leisure, University of Wolverhampton. This site is dedicated to the use of iPods in teaching and learning.

Podcasting News Podcasting in Education. Categorised links.

Podcasting & Vodcasting. A White Paper. University of Missouri. IAT Services. Hosted by Apple. Podcasting white paper. The methodologies described are outdated yet the discussion on implications is useful. This is a review of this article: Podcasting & Vodcasting: How disruptive will they be?

Missouri School of Jornalism: Podcasts The school has linked to some relevant podcasts and provided some links to podcasting faqs and helper pages for the students. [http://journalism.missouri.edu/podcast/][This link is presently broken]

Summer School Podcasts: Welcome to the Hornby Summer School 2006 Podcasts. I'm Barbara Dieu, an EFL educator in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I have opened this account as an extension the Blogging Towards Autonomy workshop to show how easy it is today to integrate multimedia into your classrooms. Click on the following link to subscribe: [Subscribe]

Australian eduBloggers. Annotated links detailing Australian eductaors that are interested in blogging and/or podcasting.

David F. Warlick: podcasting: A New Avenue for Expressing Learning & Teaching. An article about podcast with background information and a "how to" section.

Random Walk in eLearning A blog discussion on podcasting in eLearning

Podcasting discussion at WLU A description of podcasting with a range of links and discussion points.[This link is presently broken][http://home.wlu.edu/~blackmerh/musics/podcasting.htm]

Duke University Digital Initiative. The Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) is a major instructional technology program focused on experimentation, development, and implementation of digital technology in an academic environment.

iPods at Duke University The use of iPods at Duke University as part of their curriculum programme.

Students crazy about their iPods A news article about the use of iPods in the classroom.

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