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Technology tips for teachers

Teachers are expected to master computers as technology is programmed into the syllabi by their respective education departments. Incorporating technology into your lessons can be quite a challenge. This challenge is magnified when using the computer itself proves to be a struggle.

This page will provide a range of hints that teachers can apply when using their computer. Initially the tips will focus upon the Macintosh computer platform. Windows tips will follow later.

The first two tips can be accessed from the menu on the right or from the two links below:

  • Finding that file: Ever had trouble locating a file or a folder on your Mac? Check out these ideas for locating that elusive document or image.
  • Better Internet searching: A set of tips that are sure to improve the results you obtain when performing a search on the Internet.
  • Easy slideshow: Create a slideshow without stress and hours of lost time.

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The first of many technology tips were created today. Supporting documents will be added later.


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Technology tips

Finding that file [pdf][doc]
Internet search
Easy slideshow