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Singapore has an amazingly rich flora and fauna given the compact size of the country. Explore the primary rain-forest at Bukit Timah through to mangroves rich with a large number of different species and the verdant parklands.

Sungei Buloh, Singapore, July 13th, 2008.

Took a break at Sungei Buloh and managed to capture a few shots of the local fauna ~ including this mudskipper.
Pulau Sejahat, Singapore

This old outpost of the British Empire is about to disappear off the waters of Singapore.
Weekend morning in Buloh

Spent a morning drinking tea, reading the newspaper and taking photographs in Sungei Buloh.
Buloh in the rain

One Friday afternoon I watched the rain drown the world in Sungei Buloh. Such a great place to slow down.
Little Guilin, Bukit Gombak

Little Guilin is the site of a nice park in Bukit Gombak, Singapore, not far from our home there.
Sungei Buloh 2003

Various images of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve taked during a number of visits in 2003.
Upper Peirce Reservoir

I went to Upper Peirce Reservoir and Upper Thomson Road, Singapore. 18th April, 2004.
Central catchment area walk - Macritchie Reservoir

Went for a walk from MacRitchie Reservoir to Rifle Range Road in Singapore, one Sunday, with Steven.
Bukit Gombak

This hill is directly opposite our home in Singapore. There are military communications facilities on its peak.
Hot Springs, Pulau Tekong

Took a few photographs at the hot spring located on Singapore's Pulau Tekong.
Sungei Buloh, 26th October, 2003

A great day spent in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with Siva, Linda and other friends.
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