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Flora and fauna

Our home is frequently visited by an amazing variety of birds, lizards and other creatures. These visitors as well as the beautiful flora in our garden and those of our friends are featured here.

Birds in our garden

Quite a few different birds visit our backyard. Can you recognise them?
Household creatures

A variety of bugs, spiders and lizards frequent our home.

I took these photographs of a very still or quite possibly dead dragonfly.
Possum drops in

A few possums dropped by our front garden one cold evening.
Flock of Birds

An amazing flock of parrots at Albion Park.
Beach Bunny

Not exactly what you expect to see at the beach.
The backyard, Australia

Creatures galore in the yard of our home in Australia. Lizards, spiders, possums, kookaburras and more!
Ken & Svet's Garden

Our friends, Ken and Svet, have a wonderful garden and friendly visitors.
Lake Illawarra

The lake was peaceful and welcoming this morning. Managed to shoot a few birds.
More birds in the garden

More photographs of winged visitors to our garden.

Recent photographs of Sootie relaxing at home and sunning himself on the back deck. He is in charge at home.
Sootie & Fui-Fui

Some shots of two particular creatures that inhabit the house and are a source of considerable laughter and affection.
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