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During November 2002 Shao Ping and I traveled to Kyoto, Japan, to attend the wedding of her sister Shao Chi to Roy. We had a great time exploring Kyoto and the surrounding area. I am yet to label the photographs accurately.

Kyoto ~ journeys by bus and train

Traveling around Kyoto was easy via public transport. I took quite a few photographs before, during & after each journey...
Kyoto ~ excursion to the mountains

We witnessed the autumn beauty of Japan during a train and boat journey through the local countryside... amazing colours!
Kyoto ~ parkland

We went for a walk through a lovely park. It was adjacent to a Buddhist temple.
Kyoto ~ temples

Our journeys around Kyoto took us to two beautiful temples.
Kyoto ~ people

The people of Kyoto at work and play ~ office workers, students, shoppers and daily life in Japan.
Kyoto ~ city scenery

A range of photographs taken at random points around the city. From bicycles to
Kyoto ~ lunch

Soup and noodles in a local eatery with Shao Ping's family, Roy and some friends.
Kyoto ~ hi tech toilet

Well, the toilet in the hotel room was fully equipped... built in seat warmer, a variety of settings and an amazing warning label.
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