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Photographs from my past, historical sites in Asia and an extensive web site concerning the wartime expereinces of my father, Frank Larkin, a soldier in the AIF are featured below. Links marked thus * open in a new window.
  Prisoner of War 2.0*

A collection of resources relating to the experiences of Frank Larkin, 2/19th Battalion, AIF during the Second World War.
Central Australia 1972*

During 1972 I went on an excursion to Central Australia. I took these sad photographs of Aboriginal people.
My Uncle's Wife*

This lady was married to my Uncle John. Her name is Emmie. They met when Uncle John was in the AIF.
Labrador Park ~ Singapore

I had the chance to explore the tunnels beneath Labrador Park with my good friend Jeya and students from SAFTI.
Commonwealth War Graves ~ Kranji, Singapore

During my time in Singapore I visited the the Kranji War Memorial a number of times.
Kanchanaburi, Thailand ~ Thai-Burma Railway.

I visited Kanchanaburi and the Bridge on the River Kwai in Thailand during October, 2003.
Pulau Sejahat, Singapore

This old outpost of the British Empire is about to disappear off the waters of Singapore.
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