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Southeast Asia

Shao Ping and I have had the good fortune to visit a number of countries across Southeast Asia during the last eight or so years. Stay posted as galleries from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong appear below

Bintan, Indonesia, February 2001.

A nice long weekend in Bintan to mark the break between Knowledge Village and ICUS Pte Ltd. A nice way to relax!
Kanchanaburi, Thailand ~ Thai-Burma Railway.

I visited Kanchanaburi and the Bridge on the River Kwai in Thailand during October, 2003.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August, 2000.

Conducted a presentation at an education technology conference in Kuala Lumpur.
Bintan, Indonesia, January 2002.

Shao Ping and I took my nephew Adrian to Indonesia for a few days during his sojourn with us in Singapore. Great time!
Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Take a bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru in Malaysia for a couple of dollars.
Bintan, Indonesia, May 2001.

Evan drops by Singapore and we all take a ferry to Bintan. We
had a great old time drinking cocktails in the swimming pool.
Pulau Besar, Malaysia.

A tiny island paradise off the east coast of Malaysia. A great place to relax and to do some snorkelling.
Tioman Island, Malaysia.

A fantastic place to escape from the hurly burly of the city. The waters are beautiful and the snorkelling is wonderful.
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