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My home is in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The galleries in this section feature photographs taken around the Illawarra including the amazing Nan Tien Temple. There are also photographs of other reions of Australia including Jervis Bay and Port Stephens.

Dust storms across NSW ~ September 2009

NSW awakes to an eerie red glow as intense dust storm blankets the eastern seaboard.
Stockton Bight Sand Dunes

Thirty two kilometres of sand dunes that are still gradually moving inland...people actually live there!
Hunter Valley

Shao Ping and I went for a drive around the Hunter Valley, checked out some tourist spots and a few wineries.
Tanilba Bay

Tanilba Bay on the Tilligery Peninsula has an unusual past that would be of interest to historian of the First World War.
Lemon Tree Passage

A great little town on Port Stephen. Escape to do a little fishing and perhaps some boating.
Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay is the nerve centre of Port Stephens. Plenty of things to do and plenty of places to eat.
Fingal Bay

A beautiful spot with an amazing beach and crystal clear waters. A nice tranquil spot of Port Stephens..
Shoal Bay

A crescent beach with beautiful sand and outstanding views. Worth a visit.
Soldiers Point

The part of the world is a great place to drop in a fishing line or to simply go boating. Quiet, slow and peaceful.

A little town on Port Stephens close to some mangroves.
Salamander Bay

Sunsets are quite remarkable here. Located on Port Stephens.

Located on the Tilligery Peninsula between Tanilba Bay and Lemon Tree Passage. A nice place for a picnic.
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