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These galleries document some of the workshops I give during the course of each year.

Read~Web Presentationa and Workshops, NTU, SIngapore

Conducted a presentation and four days of workshops on the read~write web at NTU. Crazy!
Read~Write Web ~ St. Joseph's Institution, Singapore

Quick presentation and workshop at the St. Joseph's Institution Primary Campus on the read~write web.
Social~Education Networking workshop at SIA

Shared current developments in the world of the read-write web with staff at the Singapore Airlines Training Centre.
Read-Write Web Workshop at Hwa Chong Institution

Shared principles and applications of the read-write web phenomena with staff of the Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore.
Read-Write Web Workshops at NTU ~ April 2008

A week of read-write web and RSS workshops at Nanyang Technological University. A quick presentation as well.
Good To Great Teaching and Learning Seminar 2008

Conducted several Web 2.0 and Social Networking Workshops at Nanyang Technological University during G2G 2008!
Podcasting Workshop at Hougang Primary School, Singapore

Conducted two podcasting workshops at Hougang Primary School. It was great to catch up with Wai Tuck again. Feb 2008.
Web 2.0 Workshops at Nanyang Technological University

Conducted some Web 2.0 and Social Networking Workshops at Nanyang Technological University.
Comic Life Workshop ~ NavCon2K7

Remembered to take a few photographs at the Comic Life workshop during the NavCon2K7 Conference in Gosford.
Web 2.0 Workshop at Nanyang Technological University

The focus today was Web 2.0 for staff from Nanyang Technological University & the National Institute of Education

Podcasting Workshop and Singapore bloggers meetup

Podcasting workshop by day and the Singapore Bloggers meet up in Toa Payoh that noght!

Web 2.0 Workshop at Teachers' Network, Singapore

A group of second language curriuculum specialists attended this workshop. It was a great day and lunch was good!
Information Sharing session on Web 2.0

I gave a presentation on Web 2.0 to staff of the Nanyang Technological University and National Institute of Education.
Good To Great Teaching Conference Act II

Quick trip to Singapore to give a presentation and run a few workshops.
Singapore April 2006

Podcasting, web presence and digital photography workshops for the MOE, ETD and NTU.
Good To Great Teaching Conference Act I

Quick trip to Singapore to give a presentation and run a few workshops.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August, 2000.

Conducted a presentation at an education technology conference in Kuala Lumpur. Here are some old photographs.
Singapore October 2005

Digital Photography, Podcasting and Digital Videography Workshops plus a Mac Meetup!
Singapore July 2005

Visited NTU in Singapore to conduct some workshops. Friends, participants and life in Singapore.
Singapore April 15th 2005

Podcasting, MP3 and RSS workshop today. Hectic! Went to Bukit Batok for dinner. Things have changed!
Singapore April 14th 2005

An impromptu digital photography course was held today. It was oversubscribed as usual. Popular, eh? ^_^
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