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These galleries document some of the workshops I give during the course of each year.

Singapore April 13th 2005

Second digital video workshop today. Three of my favourite participants attended the course today!
Singapore April 12th 2005

Digital video workshop today. Afterwards I met up with the Me@n group at McDonald's in Suntec City. 
Singapore April 11th 2005

First workshop today. Took the bus and MRT back home and captured some quick photographs on the way.
Singapore February 25th 2005

The final workshop happened today. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Fly home tomorrow.
Singapore February 24th 2005

The Digital Still workshop today. Went to Holland Village for dinner and met Michel, Delphine, Siva and Airani.
Singapore February 23rd 2005

Second workshop completed and Digital Still Workshop web site updated.
Singapore February 22nd 2005

Well, the first presentation is over for these workshops. Now I can relax. Ate dinner in Bukit Batok and durian in Geylang.
Singapore September 2004

Shao Ping and I travelled to Singapore for a visit and a series of workshops at NTU.
Singapore July 2004

EdTech workshops at NTU and NIE in Singapore. Managed to catch up with friends as well.
Singapore 16th April, 2004

Two more workshops completed and a great night out at Tiffany's Coffee House in the Furama Hotel!
Singapore Mac Meetup

Macintosh Meetup in Macca's at Suntec City, Singapore. Free wireless broadband! Tuesday, 13th April, 2004.
Digital Video Workshop

Conducted a DV workshop for staff of NTU, Singapore, today. An excellent group! A great day! 19th April, 2004.
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