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Shao Ping and I have made quite a few trips to Taiwan.
There are photographs taken in Taipei, Shih Lin, northern Taiwan and our wedding banquet in May 2000. More photographs and video to come.

Taiwan ~13th February, 2002.

Today we went to visit Shao Ping's grandfather in Guan Yin in Tao Yuan. We also dropped by a temple in Guan Yin
Taiwan ~14th February, 2002.

Today we met up with Crystal and Cecile and then we had dinner with Russell and Anne.
Taiwan ~15th February, 2002.

Last day today. We went shopping right in the heart of Taipei. Took it easy.
Taiwan ~ 4th October, 2004.

Checked out Taipei 101 ~ the tallest building in the world. We then met up with Russell and Anne.
Taiwan ~ 5th October, 2004.

Went to Shih Lin to do a bit of shopping. Had dinner in town and experimented with long exposure shots of the traffic.
Taiwan ~ 6th October, 2004.

We went into the city today and we had lunch on the top floor of the building that used to be the tallest building in Taiwan.
Taiwan ~ 7th October, 2004.

Last day. A few photographs of stormy weather from the balcony window at Shao Ping's home in Shih Lin.
Taipei ~ 17th November, 2002.

Shao Ping and I have arrived in Taipei to attend the wedding of her sister Shao Chi to Roy. Today we went to the Grand Hotel.
Taipei ~ 18th November, 2002.

We visited the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial in the heart of Taipei. We also did some shopping.
Taiwan ~ 19th November, 2002.

Bought some books and CDs in Shih Lin and had lunch in Tian Mu.
Taiwan ~ 20th November, 2002.

Last day. We took a taxi to the airport for our flight to Osaka and then on to Kyoto.
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