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Web 2.0 in teaching & learning

What is Web 2.0?

This video was recorded on the 6th October 2008 during a series of presentations at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The recording was created by the team at the Centre for Educational Development. I was interviewed by myfriend and former colleague, Adrian Lu.

The original recording was captured with a single take and lasted approximately twenty minutes. The team at NTU is editing the entire video down to something like 8 minutes. They will be adding graphics, background, etc. I simply split the recording into four separate clips. The interview was divided into four questions. Each is listed below.


NSW CAP Weaving Technology Workshops October 2008

Materials for the Practical Blogging workshops and presentations can be found on this page.

Read~Write Web Workshops October 2008 ~ Singapore

Conducting a series of workshops at Nanyang Technological University. Workshop materials can be found on this page. Examples from practitioners and links to blogs are available at this page.

Technology Guides
All of the technology presentations and support documents are now available from this dedicated page. They cover such areas as blogging, podcasting, photoshop, video processing and comic life.


Digital Photography
Digital Videography
Comic Life
Web 2.0
Blended Learning
Web Presence
Trivantis Lectora
Managing your computer

Workshop Resources

Background material
Read~Write Web Overview
Information sharing

Curriuculum Ideas
Curriculum integration aid
Curriculum evaluation aid
Sample teaching unit

Core tools
Setting up a Wordpress blog
Setting up an Edublog blog
Setting up a Blogger blog
Setting up a Posterous blog
Setting up a wiki
Setting up Delicious bookmarks
Setting up a Diigo account
Setting up a Flickr account

Support tools
Setting up a Twitter account
Setting up a Jaiku account
Setting up a Swicki
Setting up a Feedburner account
Creating a WebNode site

Working with RSS
Setting up a Google Reader
Setting up Bloglines
Working with Yahoo! Pipes
Creating feeds with Dapper
Filtering feeds with AideRSS

Web 2.0 Resources

Web 2.0 tools, links & add-ons
Presentations and guides