Happy New Year ~ fireworks over Wollongong Harbour

Happy New Year. 恭禧发财.

Well, the first decade of the 21st century has finished. Rock on 2011. Today’s date is 1/1/11. That does not happen too often.

This is the first post of my new web site. Construction began New Year’s Eve 31/12/10.

This new site will be a vehicle for the sharing of ideas and guides for educators interested in exploring information technology, social media and online publishing in the classroom. Resources & documents are available for teachers to access via each course page.

Each Friday I shall interview a teacher from all points globally so that we may share the passion of like minded educators. Resources for teachers of history and a gallery of photographs are also available. You can subscribe to my news page and stay up to date as resources & new ideas are shared.

这是一个提供教育工作者分享如何运用讯息技术, 社群网站, 以及网络出版于课堂教学中的网络平台。教师们可以在各项课程中搜寻自己所需要的资源和相关文件。


Hope to publish more this year and I have made at least one new year’s resolution: I shall endeavour to be myself, be true to myself and avoid political correctness.