The Illawarra Coastline has experienced a great deal of rain this week. The area has been at the receiving end of high winds and torrential rain at times. One of the culprits has been a quite intense low pressure system in the Tasman Sea off the coast of New South Wales between here and New Zealand. When you have a low pressure system you have big seas with large swells and big waves. The weather system is on its way to New Zealand now.

Wollongong Harbour BreakwaterThis morning Shao Ping and I went down to the Wollongong Harbour and took the photographs in the post and the gallery below. Most of the action happens at the breakwater that protects the harbour. I photographed the waves crashing upon the breakwater from several different angles. I also managed to photograph two body-boarders catching a wave on the bombora off North Wollongong beach.

Wollongong Harbour Breakwater