This morning I walked from my accommodation on the campus at Nanyang Technological University to the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. I left early for my walk about 7.00AM or so. The sun had just risen and it was not that humid. I always wear a t-shirt, carrying the shirt I intend to wear during the workshop. Singapore is about a degree or so north of the equator in south-east Asia.

I went to the main canteen, had some breakfast. Cost less that $3.00AUD mind you. Met up with June from the CELT and set up for the workshop. I walked back at the end of the day. During the journey I captured some photographs on a small Nikon Coolpix s220 which I had purchased for almost next to nothing a couple of years back. I took the photographs to later demonstrate the Apple Camera Connection Kit and image processing on the iPad, using apps like PS Express and PhotoPal.

The photographs are not that great. Some out of focus, colour washed out, however I present them so that you can share what I saw as I took my 20 minute walk in the morning as well as a sunset during the evening.