Twitter, a weird beast indeed. As I have written elsewhere regarding Twitter, some people get it and others do not.

In certain circles I dare not mention I have an account with Twitter for fear of being stoned by 21st century luddites. Mention terminology such as social media, web 2.0, and the like and some people give you a strange look. I have long given up on enlightening specific groups in various walks of life and differing organisations regarding the advantage of online tools that facilitate communication and collaboration.

Why bash one’s head against a brick wall? A cave wall might be a better analogy. One is dealing with troglodytes in some cases. They stare at you with blank looks. I cannot help but think of the individuals staring at their shadows in Plato’s cave. That is their reality. Although, come to think of it, perhaps it is I sitting in the cave, entranced by the flickering shadows on the wall of the cave.

When you think about it the statistics are not that good. The number of teachers that make practical use of online tools that enable communication and connectedness are few and far between. Assume there are 20 schools in your town. There may be, say, 2000 teachers in all. How many would have a Twitter account? Five, perhaps? Ten, maybe? How many would have some other form of online account that they use to enable collaboration with others in education? Not many.

There would be quite a few with Facebook. For family and personal reasons. Straightforward stuff.

Well, I shall continue to utilise the Twitter via @john_larkin to share news, resources and ideas. In keeping with that train of thought I have updated my list of links to resources, articles and views regarding Twitter.[table id=17 /]