Archived 1997 Workshop Web Site

I was looking for some old scans from 1996 and discovered a web site I had created in 1997. I had set it up to support a series of workshops I had conducted for Singaporean teachers back in July 1997. The Ministry of Education had recently released its 1997 Master Plan and it was allowing schools to purchase Apple products on tender for the first time and teachers needed training on how to use Apple Computers. I was invited up to SIngapore by Gary Ferguson of Apple Computer to conduct the training.

I conducted a series of workshops on Kid Pix Studio, HyperStudio, Claris Works for Kids and Cocoa. The workshops were conducted at the original Apple head office and training rooms near to their manufacturing plant in Ang Mo Kio. We went on a tour of the training plant at the time.

Do you remember Cocoa? Cocoa was a programming application for children that used a beautiful graphical user interface and allowed them to create simulations. It was initially called KidSim. Amazing stuff.

The web site used to be hosted at the University of Wollongong when I worked at the Interactive Multimedia Learning Laboratory. It is sadly history now.

I have placed the site back online and it can be found here. I created the web site using Claris Home Page. It did not use an index.html file. The “home” file is named  “Workshop_Flowchart.html” which would be reasonably unacceptable today. Looking at the creation and modification dates for the the files in the site it seems that I began creating the site just before lunch on July 9th 1997 and I had completed it before 4.00PM on that day.