Traveling in Taiwan at the moment. Shao Ping and I are visiting her family here in Taipei. Grabbed some snacks and some drinks to take back to the hotel (which, by the way, is brilliant… that will be a future post).

We bought the snacks in a local 7-11 store. Now, 7-11 stores in Taiwan, and Japan for that matter, are an adventure in themselves. You can purchase just about anything. Anything. They also provide courier services. Food, drink, beer, snacks, nik-naks, and so on. One can spend ages in a Japanese 7-11 captivated and intrigued by what is on the shelves.

Their equivalent in Australia is dead boring to say the least. They primarily cater to bogans and hoons in Australia.
Purchases made in a 7-11 store in Taiwan

I enclose a photograph of tonight’s purchase which includes two Corona beers. The total cost was $348.00NT (Taiwan New Dollars) or $11.35AUD (Australian Dollars). Inexpensive. Meals are also inexpensive here. One can purchase a complete hot meal, with soup, and drink for less than three Australian dollars. You would be lucky to get a fart from a chef in Australia for less than three dollars.